SNK Saturday T-Type: Joe Higashi

The third member of the Fatal Fury trifecta and best friend to the Bogard brothers, Joe Higashi explodes into the ring with unsurpassed kick boxing prowess!!

Joe is by far and wide my favorite Muay Thai fighting game character and he's always been a blast to play as. He manages to be as funny as most goofy joke characters in other fighting games without having to sacrifice actual worth in combat. He's also got the best taunt ever!

Get out of the way, shrieking wanna-bes and eye-patched poseurs!! Here comes the real king of Muay Thai!!


Justin said...

I don't like it this character very much, but also is very difficult to defeat him. Maybe I hate him he he. I would like me very much if he takes Generic Viagra. And, in my opinion, I prefer Sagat as King of Muai Thai.

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