SNK Saturday T-Type: Blue Mary

Oops! A little late to the show! Due to unforeseen, quite shaking circumstances, this past SNK Saturday T-type was a little late.

This time, Py and I ended up going for the same character...Blue Mary! I became a big fan of Blue Mary when I encountered the Real Bout games. As such, I decided I would put her in the Real Bout get up. I always thought she was a great character to play as and a perfect counterpart for Terry. Finally, a girl who can hold her own in a fight! Can she tame the hungry wolf!?


Justin said...


Justin said...

Cool! This drawing of Blue Mary is wonderful. She is also one of my favorite characters of Garou Densetsu and one of the hottest too... I would need Generic Viagra for being with her. Continue with more SNK characters. Buy Viagra Viagra

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